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How to Insert Emoticons Smiley Faces In Your Yahoo Emails

Do you like smiley and emoticons? Do you know you can add these smiley and emoticons to your Yahoo Mail? If your answer is no, then this blog is only for you as it will let you know how you can go ahead and add smiley and emoticons to your Yahoo Mail. By doing so, you can express your emotions to your friend, colleague or family member. Let’s see how to add smiley and emoticon in the Yahoo Mail. Remember that rich text format should be enabled before you actually try to insert the smiley and emoticons in the content body. It is not possible to insert smiley and emoticon on the subject line.

                Log on to the Yahoo Mail account and sign-in. If you don’t have an account on Yahoo Mail, you can sign up for free.  Compose a new mail. Make sure that you are using the rich text format. Compose the entire message in the body and put the cursor of the mouse where you wish to insert the emoticon or graphical representation image. Now, click on “Insert emoticons” or “GIF” picker button. Select the desired emoticon or the GIF image from the collections and click on it. It will be added in the same place where your cursor is.  Now send the mail and you are done.

If your recipient has configured his email in a plain text format then they won’t be able to read the mail properly as they will miss all the emoticons inserted by you. However, most of the users stick with the rich text format so chances are they will see the entire emoticons and the graphical representations sent by you.

Yahoo has recently launched a new Yahoo Mail version in which you won’t see any insert emoticon option or button at all. Even if you enter the exact code of the emoticon it is possible that it might not work properly. The insert emoticon option has been replaced by GIF picker, in which you can select GIFs available on the Yahoo server and send it to your recipients and they would be able to see it as it is. Remember, if the recipients are using a slow or a congested connection then it may take some time to load the GIFs sent by you.  It is recommended that even if you have inserted emoticons and GIFs to the mail, you should read the entire mail carefully before sending it to the recipient. It will prevent the potential miscommunication in between you and your recipient.

If you are facing any issues in adding emoticons and smiley then contact our 24*7 Yahoo toll free phone number and troubleshoot it in no time.

Gmail Customer Care Number Is Best For Technical Support

The POP or IMAP protocols are related to the fact as to whether users wish to keep the changes and modifications that they do in their local system restricted to the system which they use, or wish the changes to persist in the Gmail server so that they could see the same in any other platform or system. Users have at times complained of this fact wherein the changes that they do to their settings, profile etc. do not appear in any other platform where they login. This is primarily due to the fact that the platform is using the POP protocol which needs to be changed to IMAP.


contact Gmail customer care support number 1-888-470-9705

Yahoo Helpline Number - A Best Guide for the Beginners

Yahoo helpline number is best guide for the beginners especially when they are running out of apt services. If you cannot operate Yahoo account in the appropriate way then contact Yahoo customer care helpline number and seek the absolute ways for solving severe most cases. There will be ultra comfort in coping with the undue hindrances so get connected with the Yahoo mail support team and find absolute ways for solving undue matters. Once the complications are sorted out, you can perform so well with the mailing account. Take the services and consultations now.

How To Recover Forgotten Yahoo Mail Password

To recover forgotten yahoo mail password you always need to update your account information. You should always ensure that you provide an alternate e-mail address as well as mobile number. This is important because if you are not able to access your e-mail account and you will be able to get the code through SMS on your mobile number. And if you are somehow not able to receive text messages then you can opt for alternate e-mail address. Always ensure to provide that e-mail address and mobile number which is active so that you can access these sources when you need to recover your password. Call Yahoo customer service support to get more as systems and solutions.

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Gmail is one of the most popular and widely used emailing services provided by the Google Inc. It has a huge data storage capacity and provides the users with a lot of features as well as apps.

Thus, the Gmail account users can get a lot of facilities from the Gmail team. If they face any issau8es with their Gmail account, they can immediately call the Gmail technical support team via the Gmail technical support contact number.

The users are all very happy and satisfied with this troubleshooting system. The Gmail tech support executives also provide a lot of methods to keep the Gmail account password safe and secure.

How They Help You?


The Gmail customer service providers can help you a lot in recovering your lost Gmail account as well as resetting a new password. They also try their best in keeping your password safe and secure from online hacking or any kind of unauthorized accesses.

They set up strong firewalls to your account to save the passwords from being hacked. They also protect your system from online software virus threats. Thus, your personal or official Gmail account is kept fully safe and secure with the help of these valuable services.

What Are The Precautions?

The Gmail tech support team advices a lot of precautions to be taken to keep the password and the Gmail account safe. You need to create a password with a very high password strength to your Gmail account.

It should be minimum 8 characters in length and must be very uncommon. Thus, it will be difficult to be guessed by the online password hackers. You also need to change and reset your account password at regular and fixed intervals of time. It is always advisable not to click on the emails in the spam folder of your account.

All these precautions can keep your Gmail account password as well the account itself utmost safe and secure.

How Can You Stay Connected?

You can always stay connected with the Gmail technical support tram by downloading and installing the apps on your smart mobile phone or ipads with internet connections. Thus, you can get these troubleshooting services at your fingertips anytime and from anywhere even from the moving vehicles.

Thus, it will be very easy for you to operate your Gmail account and use it very smoothly as well flexibly all the times. Thus, it is a very useful system for you.